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Solar Panel Cleaning 

Regular cleaning is an essential part of keeping your solar system operating at peak efficiency. Dirty solar panels can cause a significant loss of energy production......

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Nesting pigeons under your solar panels create a serious health risk from the feces build up while degrading your property. Squirrels tend to chew solar systems wiring causing damage and a potential fire hazard.....

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Pressure Washing

•House Wash•Driveways•Wood decks•Fence restoration•Concrete pool decks•

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Who We Are

Lv solar panel cleaning is a locally owned business, we strive to provide the best quality of work and service for our customers in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. We stand by our work that's why we always take before and after pictures of everything we do and provide them immediately after the completion of your job. We offer a LIFE TIME warranty on our bird proofing service's and will repair or replace your solar panel bird barrier if it is EVER damaged. We offer residential/commercial solar panel cleaning, solar panel bird proofing and pressure washing services. Get in contact with us for a quote.

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What Our Customers Are Saying 

Michael Brown 

 Probably like most people, I paid little attention to my solar panels ... you buy/lease them, they work, you forget them. I didn't think about them till I noticed small increases in my power bill at the end of the first year. Good luck was on my side; I called LV Solar Panel Cleaning for service ! They arrived right on time as scheduled (rare for service businesses), completed work very quickly, and thoughtfully provided before/after pictures of the panels. I was impressed - Absolutely excellent service. I highly recommend them to all solar panel users/owners; I'm a happy customer now on a twice-a-year service schedule with them. The Best !!

Rolling GT350

 We hadn't cleaned our panels since they were installed 7 years ago. Night and day! They look like they did when they were first installed. High recommended

Ron Forsythe

 I'm very happy with the professional quality service from LV Solar Panel Cleaning. They even took pictures for me of a panel with internal microfractures so I could initiate a claim with my solar company. They provided before and after pictures of the work so I could get a good look at what was done. RECOMMENDED

Reyna Salas

 LV Solar Panel Cleaning is a very professional company. I called to set up an appointment and Robert told me he could come over the same day so my solar array was cleaned the same day! I asked Robert if he could come over at 6:30 and he was here at 6:30, I was pleasantly surprised. Robert is very polite and respectful. I used to have a guy from California cleaning my solar array. I called him in June and still have not heard from the guy in Cali. LV Solar Panel Cleaning is an honest company, Robert will charge by the number of panels you have. Robert won't charge you by the foot when cleaning your solar panels like most of the other companies in Las Vegas. I had called another company before I called Robert but they wanted to charge so much more because my house is a two story house. Robert will take pictures before the panels are cleaned and after they are cleaned. You will immediately notice how your solar array becomes more efficient, the energy production increases as soon as the panels are cleaned. If you want to have your solar array performing at its very peak, call Robert with LV Solar Panel Cleaning your panels will look like mirrors after Robert cleans them. Robert is now my new solar panel cleaning guy and will be cleaning my solar panels every six months per my solar panel manufacturer recommendation.

Clan Sol

 Very detailed cleaning and pigeon guard installation. Robert even did a great job at cleaning up after washing off the debris from the roof. Highly recommend!